Let me make it clear more info on Fares

Let me make it clear more info on Fares

Pass Accumulator day

The Day Pass Accumulator function ensures the ClipperВ® cash rider won’t ever pay a lot more than the cost of every single day Pass.

Simply load your Clipper card with money, label it upon boarding, and when you’ve paid roughly the same as each Day Pass, any more regional rides that time will undoubtedly be free.

VTA light rail runs for a proof-of-payment system. All light rail passengers will need to have a legitimate fare before boarding light train. Clipper clients must tag their Clipper card before boarding a light train automobile.

Fare inspectors regularly patrol the device and have passengers at random to make a transit pass that is valid. Violators are at the mercy of fines and that can lose their transportation privileges. Failure to comply with VTA’s fare policy is in breach of California Penal Code 640. Violation of California Penal Code 640 is punishable as much as the utmost penalty allowed for legal reasons.

For those who have been cited for not having legitimate fare and need here is how to pay the fine, you need to use the Santa Clara County Public Access Traffic Case Information web site.