Our Commitment to Safety + Wellbeing

We continue to closely monitor industry-leading health and safety recommendations and are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our teams, our community and you.


Guest Reservations + Protocol:

Reservations are strongly recommended since we are only currently operating at 50% capacity.

Hygiene + Cleaning Standards:

Our entire restaurant is thoroughly sanitized, deep cleaned, and disinfected on a nightly basis.


Prevention + Physical Distancing:

Our staff are required to have temperature checks daily before each shift.


Kadi meals

Welcome to Kady Company, Kady Meals section
Kady provides breakfast and dinner packages for companies and government
What distinguishes us in the meals section is that all the items are prepared on a
daily basis to the customers and under the supervision of the company do not
hesitate and choose the right package for you
We are here at your service.

Digital marketing

Welcome to Kady Gold Company, Marketing Sections
What distinguishes our marketing Sections is that marketing is not only a social
media, we follow the principle of strategies in marketing and then determine the
marketing mechanism that your activity needs.
And there are several Sections in the company from the idea, development, study
and design
We also have other services that you do not hesitate to contact us for free advice
We are here to serve you and develop your business.

The Golden Kady

Company for Marketing and programming Services being operated by Saudi
team of high competencies and expertise to provide our services with the best
quality possible to meet the level of Golden kady Company, and we have many
services and Sections. We are committed to providing high quality and
competition including marketing Sections, catering Sections, meals Sections and
Special Kady Applications section for individuals.
Contact us now and see our service.


Supply section

Welcome to Kady Golden Company, catering department Cady for Cafes and
Restaurants provides fresh baked goods Not only that, we also have a section for
plastic and printing What distinguishes our catering section is that baked goods
are served fresh daily, and we have a development consultant , do not hesitate to
contact us, we are here to serve you.

Kady Products

Welcome to the Kady products section
We offer you a selection of the finest types of locally manufactured products. We
care about the quality of the product before selling it to the customer.
You can order either individually or in wholesale
Do not hesitate to try our products and see the quality by yourself.


The Best Food Delivery ApP

Now you can make food happen pretty much wherever you are thanks to the free easy-to-use Food Delivery & Takeout App.

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